SPD Student Award Winners

I enjoyed much of the SPD (Society of Publication Designers) 2015 Student Design Competition Winners work this year. The two schools with students taking the most awards were Norwich University of the Arts in the UK… Continue reading

Interesting Illustrations: What Influences can you find

I can see the influences that Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, Saddo has listed in his work. Those influences are listed on his website as: old masters of 15th – 17th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Bosch,… Continue reading

Interactive Website for a great Cause

Please check out this wonderfully creative and interactive website about endangered species. It is worthy, I promise! All the interaction is CSS based. Really top notch. http://www.species-in-pieces.com/

Fairytale Type

Some wonderful typography and some great examples of positive and negative space in this Fairytale alphabet from Anwesha Daolagupu

Simply Stunning Work

Interesting Book Plate design and wonderful illustrations. I love that the illustration plates some out of the book. More wonderful work from Barbara Bernát, please check out her portfolio!

Amazing Banknote Concept

These Hungarian Banknote redesign concepts from designer Barbara Bernát are stunning! Her entire process is in the link and worth the view. From the etchings she used to intaglio print them to the craft that went… Continue reading

Great logos

Check out these gorgeous logos of abstract animals and birds http://designtaxi.com/news/373657/ Delightful-Animal-Logos-Created-With-Geometric-Patterns-And-Vibrant-Colors/

Wonderful Illustrations made from Botanicalsals

Check out this creative Instagram https://instagram.com/flora.forager/, better yet view her website http://floraforager.com/. Great work Bridget Beth Collins!

Fictional Canned Meals based on Literature

Imagination and fandom produce many wonderful things, such as this illustration project from Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler https://www.behance.net/gallery/24242425/Food-for-Thought-books-concept

Funny Designerisms

Poking fun at designers is great. Self-deprecating humor keeps us all humble. Camila Carmody’s posters do just that. Check out the rest of her work after you check out the posters, good stuff! Check… Continue reading