Creative Brainstorming

Creative minds feed on inspiration and challenge. We need to find new ways to brainstorm and develop concepts in our work, as well as pump out many different solutions and ideas for projects. So here are a few of my favorites:

A fun way to explore words in an interactive environment –Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary

Wordit provides a great source of inspiration and wonderful challenges. Sadly, after providing such an excellent creative outlet for a little more than 6 years, Wordit has retired and is no longer offering new challenges or welcoming uploads. However, it remains a great resource to visit and explore. I’m sure the clever folks at the Underconsideration website (well worth the visit) will find something equally inspiring to fill the void left by Wordit.

The Noun Project is a great place to get you thinking about icons, simplicity and boiling down a big concept into one minimal, bite sized graphic.

Visit sites like Creattica, Ads of The World, Brands of The World, All Creative World, LogoPond and TYPEinspire daily to get inspiration and see what is out there. Visiting sites like these keeps you updated and motivated. I also recommend subscribing to blogs, publications and other websites in your field through social networking or email updates. This delivers information right to you, effortlessly. Also, just checking out Google Images can be a great place to start working through ideas and development before beginning a project.

Of course this would not be a complete post about brainstorming if I didn’t mention to power of mind-mapping . Mind-mapping leads to a visual thought process and helps combine two important ways of exploring ideas that many creative people use: text and images. It can be used for any project from a logo design to a research paper. It is often a great jumping off point for thumbnail sketching, which is the crown jewel of brainstorming in art and design. Sketches are where all the brainstorming methods come together to form the bones of the final project.

Check out these excellent examples of the brainstorm and final product

Fitucci Design Process by Designer Jacob Cass of