Paper Sculpture

Paper sculpture and all of its intricate cuts just amaze me. The patience that goes into every piece is astounding. Thomas Wightman’s pieces are delicate and very conceptual. The obsessive nature of cut paper is an excellent medium to choose for a project based on OCD additions. It is hard to convey emotion in non cliche ways and Wightman has certainly succeeded. Here he describes his work:

“My major project theme is Addiction primarily looking at obsessive driven addictions. Looking at OCD where I want to create a voice for the sufferers and the emotions felt by them. The book firstly is closed hiding the addiction from view in the same manner as those who hide these addictions from loved ones and friends. However when the book is opened it reveals the chaotic emotions felt. “

Each of his pieces relate the the emotions of OCD in different ways and all try to show there is escape from the turmoil. Please check out his work on his blog and be sure to read his descriptions, also check out his other design works.

"Plagued by Doubt"

“Plagued by Doubt”

Thomas Wightman

Thomas Wightman