Drawings to Toys

Cute idea and a great way to encourage kids to draw. Check it out http://designtaxi.com/news/370757/Toy-Company-Turns-Drawings-Into-Awesome-One-Of-A-Kind-Plush-Toys/ Advertisements

Everyday I Draw One Letter

Excellent book Everyday I Draw One Letter from designer and typographer VERLAG HERMANN SCHMIDT MAINZ. Check out the links for more

Wonderful Mom

Mother and Graphic designer Christy Kilgore creates fabulous drawings on her kid’s lunch bag, way better than a plastic lunch box from Walmart…..but then these bags get thrown away after a hard days use??? How… Continue reading

Organized Mind, using your designer rather than your artist

Artists and designers think alike. But designer’s are trained to organize information, not just express it. As I attempt to channel more of my designer mind as I clean up a studio more… Continue reading

Restoring Earth Exhibit

Philly design studio Blue Cadet’s interactive and personalized project for The Field Museum’s exhibit Restoring Earth is incredible. I loved Kylie’s collection of artifacts. The kiosk is a wonderful way to remember the… Continue reading

Bird Infographic

As I delve into the last leg of my sabbatical I am working on Infographics, among other things. You may have seen a pattern lately in my posts, the work is mainly bird… Continue reading

Dorielle Caimi

Dorielle Caimi’s symbolic paintings about women, gender and emotion are stunning. The palette of the conceptual works is vibrant and inviting while the content is often dark.

Walter Weber

I was in heaven a couple years ago when I got to visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The birding was fabulous but inside the exhibit by Charley Harper (one of my favorite… Continue reading

Teagan White

Teagan White‘s work and website are well worth the visit. Whimsical illustrations, typography and excellent branding. Don’t forgot the blog while you are there!

Damn Cute

Kate Wilson‘s bird illustrations are damn cute! Her work combines stippled drawings with realistic textures. Best of all there are birds in jello, wearing fur coats, on and in pastries, and sporting beehive… Continue reading