Arcimboldo Revisted

I love the object portrait works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and I use them as an inspiration for an assignment for my college students in their first Photoshop course. I was thrilled to see… Continue reading

Paper Birds

I might not be able to read everything on Diana Beltran Herrera’s site but that doesn’t stop her wonderful paper constructions of birds from bringing me so much inspiration. I love the new… Continue reading

WOW Web Design

I absolutely love the sketchbook feel and organic interface of Jesse Willmon’s website. It is fun, like his drawings, and it makes you want to click everything. The work ranges from corporate clients… Continue reading

Design Education Manifesto

If you haven’t read this, READ IT If you have read it, READ IT AGAIN These are things we always have to remind ourselves of as creative professionals Check out The Design Education… Continue reading

Drawings & Pressed Leaves

The Sketching Backpacker creates whimsical  portraits by combining drawings and pressed leaves. There is so much to look at, including sketches, on the blog. Buy some work from the artist Robert A. Alejandro… Continue reading

Creative Brainstorming

Creative minds feed on inspiration and challenge. We need to find new ways to brainstorm and develop concepts in our work, as well as pump out many different solutions and ideas for projects.… Continue reading

A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy

Instead of shopping today take a look at the many interesting works of Sarah Lazarovic, especially her illustrated essay project “A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy“. It is an insightful… Continue reading

Collection of Inspirational Web Designs

Check out this GREAT COLLECTION of simple and effective websites by some very interesting artists and designers. I especially enjoyed Jesse Ragan’s great typeface designs and Ruby Taylor’s  hand painted typography and illustrations.